Scotland has announced it is offering £ 50,000 each

Scotland has announced it is offering £ 50,000 each

A number of Scottish islands offer £ 50,000 to all families – regardless of nationality – who move there in an attempt to increase their population.

Specifically, the first such compensation will be awarded in a few weeks, following a consultation with the Scottish Government.

In the socio-financial context, the Scottish Government has announced that it intends to provide £ 100 million in compensation, with the first to be awarded “in the summer”.

Alasdair Allan, a Scottish MP for the Western Isles, told The Times: “Depopulation is one of the biggest threats to our island communities. Any move to reverse depopulation trends should be encouraged. These compensations will help people to buy houses, start businesses and make a living here. ”

In terms of social issues, not everyone is convinced that this is a good idea.

In his opinion, Liberal Democrat Liam McArthur urged the government to use the money to help existing communities more. “It does not address the root causes of depopulation in island communities,” he said, adding that among other issues, island populations have poor transportation connections.

In the country, the new scheme has already attracted the attention of a large number of people, and some of them come from distant areas, such as South America.