Serbia renounces EU membership - Financial

Serbia renounces EU membership – Financial

At present, Serbia has completely changed its attitude towards the war, but also towards Russia.

It seems that the war in Ukraine has divided the world in two, and this is confirmed by the latest decision taken by Serbia.

Although the country voted in favor of three UN resolutions condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, its views have now completely changed.

In fact, the announcement was made by Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin. He says Serbia may renounce membership of the European Union, citing “Western pressures” that arose with the war in Ukraine.

At the same time, the Serbian official added that his country will also refuse to sanction Russia, despite the massacre committed in Ukraine in the last eight weeks.

In his view, “Serbia should reconsider its goal of joining the European Union,” he told The Associated Press.

In the political-economic context, it was clarified after Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin was asked by a reporter about a draft European Parliament resolution calling on Serbia to adopt sanctions against Russia if it wishes. really join the EU.

In this regard, the Serbian official told state television RTS that the project “clearly indicates that the European Union does not want Serbia in its composition”.

“Russia is our friend”

Moreover, taking advantage of this opportunity, he said that the time has come for Serbia to think about its future in Europe. “It is time for Serbia to reconsider its decision to remain on the path to EU membership,” the Serbian official said.

It should be noted that Serbia is one of the countries that voted in favor of three United Nations resolutions condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. On the other hand, the Balkan country refused to join Western sanctions imposed on Moscow.

In this sense, Vulin also clearly emphasized the fact that the Serbian nation is a historical one that chooses its friendship, and Russia is one of them. “We are an old, secular, historical nation that chooses its friends. Russia is our friend, “he said.