Shocking percentage. How much arable land has Ukraine lost?

Photo by ELG21 on Pixabay

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Ukraine’s agriculture minister said on Monday that Ukraine had lost a quarter of its arable land due to the Russian occupation of certain regions in the south and east, although this was not a “threat to food security”, according to AFP.

“Despite the loss of 25% of the arable land, the structure of the crops sown this year is more than enough to ensure the consumption of the Ukrainian population,” Deputy Agriculture Minister Taras Vysotsky told a news conference.

Since the beginning of April, the Ukrainian army has accused Vladimir Putin’s Russian armed forces of stealing wheat from the locals in the territories it occupied after the launch of the “special military operation” on February 24th.

“The robberies have moved on an industrial scale. We filmed images of a convoy of more than 50 cars with trailers pulling grain out of our occupied territories.

By the beginning of May, the Russians would have extracted 400,000 tons of wheat from the Ukrainian territories they occupied, according to estimates quoted by B1 TV. At the same time, there are reports that a quarter of them have arrived in Syria to Moscow’s ally, dictator Bashar al-Assad.