Sincerely, from Olaf Scholz: “The phase of globalization in

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Turbulent times have swept the world, and the stage of globalization is coming to an end, according to Olaf Scholz, Angela Merkel’s successor as Germany’s chancellor. It warns European citizens to fasten their seat belts: massive price hikes are announced.

“I suppose the globalization phase is over because only a small part of the market is served by the rest of the world. “The progress of the last 30-40 years has been that many countries have recovered so much that now they are also customers competing with us for limited goods,” said Olaf Scholz.

The food and water crisis has been announced for years, and the COVID crisis, the energy crisis and the war will cause the prices to explode, according to the chancellor.

Germany sends weapons to Ukraine

The German official also expects tensions in Ukraine to continue. Thus, the German state prepared new weapons to send to Volodymyr Zelensky’s soldiers.

Thus, the head of the German government undertook to send military aid to the Ukrainians, but only weapons that they know how to use, informs Reuters. Some German politicians have called on the Scholz government to approve the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine, including tanks.

Moreover, Scholz wanted to launch new serious accusations against Vladimir Putin in Wednesday’s speech, according to the images from Bucha.

“Killing civilians is a war crime,” the German government official said.

In addition to Germany, Hungary is also in a very delicate situation. Both countries rely heavily on gas imports from Russia.

Hungary has already announced that it is ready to pay in rubles for Russian gas, thus delimiting its position in the European Union.

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has warned Europe that it risks cutting off its gas supply if it does not pay in rubles, as the Russian leader sought to retaliate against Western sanctions for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.