Slovenia temporarily reduces the VAT rate on energy

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Different measures in European countries regarding combating the effects of the energy crisis. Slovenia cuts VAT on energy and Germany saves energy. In Berlin, outdoor lighting was turned off at night for 200 buildings and monuments.

The Slovenian government is preparing to temporarily reduce the VAT rate on energy from 22% to 9.5%. The measure is aimed at mitigating the impact of price increases during the cold season, when energy demand explodes. The measure will apply to all consumers.

The Slovenian Minister of Finance gave details.

“We do not differentiate between consumers. We treat them the same. We recommend lowering the VAT to 9.5% on electricity, natural gas and wood for heating, between September 1, 2022 and May 31, 2023,” said Slovenia’s Minister of Finance, Klemen Bostjancic, quoted by TVR.

In Germany, authorities have announced autumn gas bill hikes and energy-saving measures.

In several cities, including Berlin, the lighting of some emblematic buildings and public institutions was turned off during the night. However, the intervention of electricians is needed over several weeks to turn off more than 1,400 projectors assigned to these buildings that have an automatic activation system.

Markus Kamrad, representative of the administration in Berlin:

“Energy saving has become very important in Europe, in Germany, because of the war in Ukraine and Russia’s threat to cut off energy. Public institutions must set an example”.

The President of Germany has announced that the official residence in Berlin will no longer be illuminated at night.

Chancellor Scholz called for national mobilization to make savings on electricity, following the rise in tariffs.