Spain gives 200 euros to citizens who collect

Spain gives 200 euros to citizens who collect

The authorities in Spain have announced aid worth 200 euros for citizens who collect low incomes, including Romanians settled there, in order to mitigate the huge prices of food and bills. The deadline for applying for aid is September 30.

The purpose of the aid granted by the Spanish Government is to help people who obtained very low incomes last year. Those who qualify must apply for aid by September 30.

Moreover, the law was approved by decree 11/2022 of June 25, by which new regulations were introduced in view of the measures taken in the context of the economic and social consequences generated by the armed conflict in Ukraine. The aid is aimed at individuals with a low level of income, regardless of whether they are salaried, authorized individuals or unemployed.

What are the mandatory conditions to benefit from social assistance

be employed, self-employed, or unemployed registered in the employment offices of Spain; do not have an income higher than 14,000 euros per year, you and your family together; not to have assets with a value greater than 43,196.4 euros, outside the usual residence;

It is important to note that people who already receive the Minimum Vital Income or any other type of pension are not eligible for this aid.

Also, people who in 2021 had an income of less than 14,000 gross, and whose assets did not exceed the amount of 43,196.40 euros, excluding housing, who have legal residence in Spain as of June 27, 2022, can also apply for this aid for at least one year immediately before and continuously, who carries out an activity at work, on his own account or as an employee, contributing to the Social Security system.

Also eligible are people who are looking for a job at the Unemployment Office, regardless of whether or not they are unemployed.

What does the social aid of 200 euros entail

In the legal context, on July 25, the Tax Agency launched the procedure for requesting the new subsidy of 200 euros, which refers to individuals (employees, self-employed and unemployed persons registered as job seekers) with a low level of income and wealth.

Therefore, the interested persons must meet a series of requirements and, within the deadline, complete the form and send the request through the E-Office of the Fiscal Agency. The deadline for submitting applications is September 30, 2022!