STUDY: Russia, ready to exploit the eventualities

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Russia’s intelligence apparatus remains in operation to exploit future divergences between European public opinion on support for Ukraine, according to a study by the American cybersecurity company Recorded Future, taken over by AFP on Thursday.

The longer the war in Ukraine, the more likely it is that one of the consequences will be to erode support for the Western coalition, because the world will be fed up with the war and people will not gladly bear the long-term economic effects, says the company. threat information.

According to the study, quoted by AGERPRES, it is almost certain that Russian intelligence operations will try even more to seize this opportunity to guide international public opinion in favor of Moscow.

Many observers believe that time is on Russia’s side, in part because it is subjecting Western assistance to Ukraine to wear and tear. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently insisted on the urgency of ending the war before winter arrives, AFP notes.

Recorded Future states that Russia is currently conducting several operations to influence international public opinion, from different angles, targeting in particular certain countries, such as France, Germany, Poland and Turkey.

Operations involve Russian state media, such as RT, Internet sites suspected of being shadow-controlled by secret services – for example Southfront – or already known disinformation and propaganda relays, such as the Telegram or the “troll farm” Cyber. Front Z.

The American company starts from several examples to define five big theories that incite divergences: accentuating dissatisfaction with leaders, denigrating Ukrainian refugees, exploiting economic concerns about energy and food, presenting Ukraine as a nursery for Nazism and discrediting the Western press.

Russia has been accused several times in the past by governments and observers of exploiting social networks to disrupt or parasitize Western societies, as it did in the 2016 US elections.

Record Future appreciates that, given a protracted war in Ukraine and a proper organization of Russia, a global reaction of all actors will be needed for information and for the effective identification, isolation and countering of Moscow’s direct and indirect attempts.