Switzerland joined the European sanctions against Russia

Switzerland joined the European sanctions against Russia

A huge alliance against Russia is taking shape more and more clearly, so Moscow seems to have no chance, at least on a theoretical level, if it does not decide to quickly end the invasion of Ukraine.

Currently, Switzerland, a country known for its neutrality, has joined the seventh package of sanctions imposed by the European Union against Moscow.

Despite this decision, as well as its future entry into the UN Security Council, Switzerland “is still neutral”, President Ignazio Cassis clearly emphasized.

The President of Switzerland indicated that there is a difference between military “neutrality” and condemning a violation of international law, notes Le Figaro.

In his statements, “Of course there is a sense of greater unity in Europe against this aggression that has awakened us all from a situation of peace that we have enjoyed for 70 years. (…)

Switzerland is always neutral, Switzerland’s neutrality is not in question”, said President Ignazio Cassis, thus rejecting the idea of ​​his country approaching NATO.

Switzerland has no plans to become a NATO member country

The statements were made during an interview given to several journalists at the UN headquarters in New York.

The President of Switzerland emphasized that this is not an intermediate step for his country to one day apply for NATO membership.

Concretely, “Neutrality is quite simple: you don’t participate in a war, you don’t send arms or troops to a war, and you don’t give your territory for arms or troops to warring parties, and you don’t participate in a military alliance like NATO. (…)

Around this neutrality there is a foreign and security policy (…) Condemning the violation of international law through this Russian military aggression is an obligation based on the Constitution and does not undermine neutrality”, Ignazio Cassis also affirmed.

President Zelenski: It is a very important signal for the whole world

Switzerland’s position was immediately welcomed by the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Switzerland today joined the European Union’s seventh sanctions package – and I am grateful for that.

When such a country does not remain neutral in terms of protecting human values ​​and morality, this is a very important signal for the whole world”, said the leader from Kyiv.

What plans does Switzerland have in the UN Security Council?

For the first time since it joined the UN, 20 years ago, Switzerland was elected in June to occupy, starting in January, one of the non-permanent seats in the Security Council.

The Swiss president, who pleaded for a “strengthening” of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, whose signatory states are meeting at the UN from Monday, declared that his country will try within the Security Council to “reduce the gap” between the nuclear powers and the non-nuclear, “with the credibility of a neutral country”.