The British Conservative Party is putting huge pressure

The British Conservative Party is putting huge pressure

In London, there are growing problems for Boris Johnson, who is being urged to resign. The British Prime Minister dismissed Michael Gove, an influential member of the Conservative Party, from the Government on Wednesday, in the context of the huge pressures coming from this political party.

The crisis inside the Government in London is getting worse!

Boris Johnson fired Michael Gove, an influential member of the Conservative Party, from the government

Thus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not seem to be planning to resign. Moreover, the British Prime Minister fired Michael Gove, the Minister of Equality, Housing and Communities, an influential member of the Conservative Party.

It all comes amid growing pressure on the political party to oust Boris Johnson.

Downing Street confirmed the dismissal of Michael Gove, an influential member of the Conservative Party (center-right), as Minister of Equality, Housing and Communities on Wednesday night.

Specifically, the decision to dismiss Michael Gove was announced while a delegation of ministers went to Boris Johnson’s office to ask him to resign.

Increasing pressure for the resignation of the British Prime Minister

In the political context, dozens of government officials have resigned on the last day, distancing themselves from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The move was initiated by Health Minister Sajid Javid and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. Dozens of government officials followed, mostly secretaries of state.

In June, Boris Johnson struggled to gain a vote of confidence in the Conservative Party amid criticism of organizing government office parties during the pandemic by violating anti-epidemic rules.

Pressure has intensified recently, with the prime minister accused of promoting MP Chris Pincher as deputy to the Conservative parliamentary group, although he is under investigation for alleged sexual assault.

Details of a meeting between Boris Johnson and a former KGB agent who has ties to Vladimir Putin

Moreover, during Wednesday’s hearing in Parliament, Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared to confirm that in 2018, while he was Foreign Minister, he met alone, without being accompanied by other officials, with Alexander Lebedev, a former KGB agent. who has ties to Vladimir Putin, and who is the owner of The Evening Standard and The Independent.

Asked if he had a private meeting in 2018 with Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev, Boris Johnson said he no longer remembers exactly, but seemed to confirm.

In his opinion, “I think I probably met, but I have to check. I met with him a few times, if it was when I was Foreign Minister, then, yes “, admitted Boris Johnson.

Nick Timothy, a former chief of staff at Downing Street, says the revelation is in fact “very serious,” Sky News reports.

However, Boris Johnson is not going to resign. In Parliament, he stressed that he does not intend to take such a decision. Asked if he was confident he would remain prime minister, he replied: “Sure.”

In addition, Boris Johnson ruled out calling early parliamentary elections.

So, “Of course I rule out this option. The nearest election date is in two years, in 2024, I think it is the most likely deadline for elections. We have colossal tasks and a huge amount of work. We will continue to do our job, “said Boris Johnson.