The Bucharest Stock Exchange collapsed

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The Bucharest Stock Exchange opened in the red this morning in the context of the war started by the invasion carried out by Russia in Ukraine, according to DCNews.ro.

The most pronounced decreases in shares were registered by: Digi Communications NV -5.61, MedLife SA – 5.73, One United Propreties – 6.67. Sphera Franchise Group – 5.06.

The indices also registered decreases on the line: BET -3.11%, BET-BK -3.56%, BET-FI -3.16%, BET-NG -2.58%, BET-TR -3.12%, BET-TRN -3.12%, BET -XT -3.12%, BET-XT-TR -3.13%, BET-XT-TRN -3.13%, BETAeRO -4.87%, BETPlus -3.14%, RTL -2.74%.

According to BVB, the largest increases in the value of shares were registered by UCM Resita (+ 14.94%) and the shares of Impact Developer & Contractor (-14.18%), Cemacon (-12.95%) and Alumil Rom Industry were decreasing. -12.92%).

The evolution of the Bucharest Stock Exchange on Thursday morning is in line with the evolution of the main European stock exchanges, after Russia launched a military attack against Ukraine.

According to AFP, shortly after the start of trading, the Paris Stock Exchange fell 4.19%, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange was down 4.39% and the London Stock Exchange was down 2.55%. . The European benchmark Eurostoxx 50 also fell by 3.52%.

The more modest decline in the London Stock Exchange index compared to other European stock markets is due to the rise in oil prices, which led to an appreciation of the stocks of commodity companies.