The city of Hong Kong saw the biggest drop in

The city of Hong Kong saw the biggest drop in

Hong Kong’s population has seen a significant decline. It is the sharpest annual decline, and experts say the situation has arisen due to anti-Covid restrictions and political repression.

Thus, the census and statistics department informed that the total population of the city decreased from 7.41 million people to 7.29 million. Thus, a decrease of 1.6% can be observed. It’s the steepest drop since the government started tracking the numbers back in 1961.

Although authorities have attributed some of the decline to a “natural” decline, with more deaths than births, experts believe the numbers reflect an exodus that has accelerated in recent years amid massive social unrest that has included anti-government protests and the coronavirus pandemic , according to information provided by CNN.

In terms of migration, about 113,200 residents left Hong Kong in the past year, the department said, compared to 89,200 the previous year. Figures include expatriates and other non-permanent residents. Throughout the pandemic, experts and industry leaders have warned that severe restrictions will drive away residents, travelers and expatriates.

Even as the rest of the world opened up, for months Hong Kong continued to keep borders closed, suspend air routes and impose quarantine and social distancing measures.

Hong Kong will reduce the quarantine period to three days

In other news, people arriving in Hong Kong from abroad will have to spend three days in hotel quarantine and then be able to undergo four days of health monitoring, Chief Executive John Lee announced on Monday.

The four-day period involves relatively relaxed rules, with travelers allowed to leave their homes and restricted only to high-risk areas. Thus, during the four days of surveillance, travelers can go to offices and shopping centers and take public transport, provided they take a daily quick test.

The relaxation of quarantine restrictions was decided after the lifting of flight suspensions on July 7, which imposed quick bans on certain routes if they inadvertently carried passengers infected with Covid.

“We want to reduce the impact of the quarantine on our economic activities as well as our connection with the world,” Lee said at a meeting.