The European Commission issued a new warning on Wednesday

The European Commission issued a new warning on Wednesday

Brussels hits Viktor Orbán hard. Hungarians are ruined by the latest warning from the European Union.

Thus, Hungary risks reaching an unprecedented situation from a financial point of view. The European Commission sent a new warning to the Budapest government on Wednesday.

Specifically, the Community Executive warns Hungary about the suspension or reduction of certain funds paid to this country due to the violation of the rule of law.

In a statement issued today, Brussels states that Budapest has not taken the appropriate corrective measures that have been requested so far.

Thus, “the Commission considers that Hungary has not taken the appropriate corrective measures,” the European executive said in a statement to AFP, confirming information published in the Hungarian newspaper Népszava.

Hungary’s response has not been enough for the European Commission

The situation in Hungary is quite old. Since the end of April, Brussels has launched a “conditionality” mechanism against Budapest.

It was the first time the EU had resorted to such a mechanism, given Viktor Orban’s concerns about Hungary’s use of the European budget.

At the same time, the EU was concerned about the conditions for awarding public contracts, the lack of control and transparency in the use of funds and shortcomings in the fight against fraud and corruption.

On the other hand, Hungary also provided an answer, but that was not enough for the European Commission. In this regard, on Wednesday, the Budget Commissioner, Johannes Hahn, was instructed to send a new letter to the Hungarian authorities.

In the document, Brussels outlines the “measures” that the Commission intends to propose to the Council – representing the Member States – according to the European executive, which did not want to disclose them.

Hungary has one month to propose new measures

In this respect, Hungary does not have much time. The Budapest government must reply to the letter within a maximum of one month and propose new corrective measures to remedy the shortcomings identified.

On the other hand, if Hungary’s response again displeases the Commission, the Commission will submit the envisaged sanction to the Council, which is responsible for the final decision.

Member States are to decide by qualified majority (at least 15 of the 27 states representing 65% of the total EU population). On the other hand, the Community Executive still hopes for solutions to be found and for an “open” dialogue.

We mention that during all this time the discussions between the European Commission and Hungary regarding the unblocking of the post-COVID-19 recovery plan of this country continue. It is about 5.8 billion euros in EU subsidies, a revised amount declining at the end of June from 7.2 billion euros originally planned.

Regarding the reasons why the plan was blocked, the Community Executive claims that these are reasons related to the rule of law in this country.