The European Union will continue to work closely with NATO,

The European Union will continue to work closely with NATO,

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has brought about a major change in the European Union’s strategic environment.

In the context of the European Council, the EU wants to step up its defense and security programs.

Thus, “Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has brought about a major change in the strategic environment of the European Union and demonstrated the need for a stronger and more capable European Union in the field of security and defense.

In this new context, recalling the Versailles Declaration and the European Council Conclusions of 24-25 March 2022, the European Union will resolutely implement the Strategic Compass, strengthen its partnerships, strengthen its resilience and increase its security and security capacity. defense by increasing and improving investment, focusing on identified strategic deficits.

Russia is changing its EU strategy

“The transatlantic relationship and EU-NATO cooperation, in full compliance with the principles set out in the Treaties and those agreed by the European Council, including the principles of inclusion, reciprocity and decision-making autonomy of the European Union, are essential for our security as a whole.

A stronger and more secure European Union in the field of security and defense will make a positive contribution to global and transatlantic security and is complementary to NATO, which remains the basis of collective defense for its members.

Solidarity between Member States is enshrined in Article 42 (7) TEU. More generally, the European Union reaffirms its intention to step up support for a world-based rules-based organization, at the heart of the United Nations, ”reads the conclusions adopted by the European Council at the Brussels meeting.

The EU is taking new security and defense measures

Thus, “In view of the analysis of the gaps in defense investment by the Commission and the High Representative, in coordination with the European Defense Agency, and the various recommendations made to strengthen the European industrial and technological base, the European Council invites the Council to examine the following matters in accordance with the respective powers conferred by the Treaties:

(a) as a matter of urgency, measures to coordinate very short-term needs in the field of defense procurement to support joint procurement for restocking, in particular in view of support for Ukraine, and a short-term instrument for strengthening European defense industrial capabilities through voluntary joint procurement;

b) the development of an EU capability for strategic programming, public procurement and defense coordination, in complementarity with NATO;

c) additional measures to take stock of current and future production capacities and to strengthen the capacity and resilience of the European defense technology and industry, including SMEs;

d) accelerated implementation of projects in the field of military mobility infrastructure;

e) a strengthened role of the European Investment Bank in supporting European security and defense, in line with the European Security Strategic Initiative recently launched by it ”, the document also states.