The fires wreaked havoc in Europe, burning 660,000

So far, 660,000 hectares have burned in Europe. We note that not only southern European states were affected by fires, but also countries such as Slovenia and France.

In the year 2022, not only the Mediterranean states were hit by fires. Thus, after several generations, Slovenia experienced the worst forest fire. Thousands of people are currently being evacuated in the south of France.

Comparably, due to the various fires in Europe, an area of ​​660,000 ha has already burned – a record value since 2006, since the information system records data on forest fires – Effis.

According to their data, this year the fires were not limited mainly to the countries in the Mediterranean area, as happened before, but also affected other regions. Thus, Slovenia experienced the worst forest fire in generations.

In his opinion, “2022 has so far turned out to be a record year”, said Jesus San-Miguel, Effis coordinator. “Drought and extremely high temperatures gripped the whole of Europe.”

The result is the enormous spread of forest fires. “It’s an uneasy situation – and we’re only in the middle of fire season.”

Until now, Spain has been the most affected country in Europe. They burned 249,000 hectares

In the European context, this year, so far, the worst hit country was Spain with a burnt area of ​​249,000 ha. Romania follows with 151,000 and Portugal with over 75,000 ha. Meanwhile, new waves of fires occurred in the south of France, and thousands of people were again forced to leave their homes in flames.

According to the information communicated on Sunday by the local authorities in the Aveyron department, a fire that seemed to be on the verge of being extinguished broke out again with full force, leading to the destruction of another 500 hectares of land, and by Sunday morning it had already reached over 1,200 Ha.

The fire broke out last Monday, 3,000 people were evacuated as a precaution, but after the fire was under control, they returned. In the east of France, the police announced at the end of the week that access to most forests in the area close to the border with Germany was prohibited to reduce the risk of new outbreaks.

In the south-west of France, a rain from the night to Sunday allowed a short respite for a rest after the destruction of 7,400 ha. According to a firefighter in the area, “we have a little break, but the fight is not over yet.” Since Saturday, dozens of firefighters from lower Austria have come to help in the Bordeaux region, DIE PRESSE reports.