The first ship with Ukrainian grain left the port of Odesa -

The first ship with Ukrainian grain left the port of Odesa –

The first ship loaded with Ukrainian grain left the port of Odesa on Monday, according to the agreement signed in Istanbul with Russia, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced.

However, Russian bombing continued in Nikolaev and Kharkiv. At least two people died. Meanwhile, the Russians are repositioning their troops, moving some of them to southern Ukraine to strengthen their positions, the British Ministry of Defense announced.

The vessel would arrive at the entrance to the Bosphorus on Tuesday at noon, estimated Yörük Isik, a company specialized in tracking the movements of ships in the Bosphorus and in the region.

“The departure of other ships is planned within the limits of the agreed corridor and formalities,” adds the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

Specifically, several officials from the Ukrainian presidential administration said that there are 17 ships loaded with 600,000 tons of cargo at the quays of the Black Sea ports. Among them, 16 ships are loaded with Ukrainian grain weighing about 580,000 tons.

On July 22, Russia and Ukraine signed, in Istanbul, an agreement regarding the establishment of secure lanes in order to allow the export of grain blocked to Ukraine.

The agreement will be valid for 120 days, i.e. four months, during which the approximately 25 million tons from Ukrainian silos can be transported before the new harvest is harvested.

The ships and cargo would be inspected in Istanbul, under the authority of the Joint Coordination Center (JCC), which was officially inaugurated last week in Istanbul, according to the agreement signed on July 22 by Ukraine and Russia, with the mediation of Turkey and the UN.

Zelensky, after the Nikolaev bombings: No Russian attack will go unanswered

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the latest bombing carried out by Russian forces, which targeted the city of Nikolaev, in southern Ukraine, announcing that the Ukrainian army would retaliate, writes Agerpres.

In his opinion, “Today there was one of the most brutal bombings of the city of Nikolaev and the region,” Zelensky said in a video message. He added that “no Russian attack will go unanswered by our military.”

Currently, Russian troops are being moved from eastern Ukraine to the occupied areas of Kherson and Zaporozhye, located in the southern part of the country.

The Russians bombed the city of Nikolaev. A hospital in the region was affected by the explosions. The city’s mayor said two people were killed and three wounded after rockets hit two residential neighborhoods late Sunday.

British Ministry of Defence: Russian offensive in Donbas has failed

Russia has failed to make a decisive breakthrough in the Donbas region as originally planned for the offensive launched in April and is now likely to have to adapt its strategy on the fly, the British Ministry of Defense analysis showed on Monday about the war situation in Ukraine.

At the same time, Zaporozhye has become a “vulnerable” area for Russian troops, who currently need reinforcements to be able to hold the front line, according to the British ministry.

Over the past four days, Russia has continued to launch “tactical assaults” on the Bahmut axis, northeast of Donetsk, with minor gains.

Also, according to the information provided last week by the Ukrainian authorities, Russia is relocating an important part of its forces concentrated in the northern sector of Donbas to the south of Ukraine.