The food crisis in Europe and the world is in his hands

The food crisis in Europe and the world is in his hands

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, pointed out that most of the grain from Ukraine goes to the countries of the European Union and not to the poor countries, which is why it is necessary to change the routes.

These quantities represent only a third of the quantities that must be delivered to the developing countries,” Putin said and emphasized that the points where the grain reaches must be limited, a topic he will discuss with President Tayyip Erdogan.

Putin also stated that there is a possibility that the global food problem will worsen and that a humanitarian catastrophe is approaching.

After energy, now Russia is putting the food asset on the table. Europe has not yet found a way to cope with the cold, but it is now also facing a food crisis. In November, the agreement on the grain corridor, mediated by Turkey and the UN, expires.

It is expected that at the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which will be organized in Uzbekistan, Tayyip Erdogan and Putin will reevaluate the terms of the agreement on grain transportation. Among Vladimir Putin’s requests is the one related to the sale of Russian cereals. It does not matter what will be discussed at the summit, because we can say from now on that these conditions will not be in favor of Europe. The food of Europe is in the hands of Erdogan and Putin, reports the Sabah publication in an editorial.

The USA further weakened its support for Greece

A reaction to President Erdogan’s statement regarding Greece “We can come, suddenly, overnight” naturally came from the US, which supports Greece. The US State Department, which supports Greece, the new favorite after the PKK/YPG (YPG-People’s Defense Units, the military wing of the PYD-n.trans.) sent that “The sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country must be respected and defended . Greece’s sovereignty over these islands is indisputable.”

We have only one thing to say to America: “Keep Greece short.” An untoward accident may occur.”

On the other hand, domestic politics is debating whether the political extensions of the PKK, which has fallen out of favor with the United States, will receive a ministry or not, as well as Kılıçdaroğlu’s candidacy. The situation got so complicated at the table of the six that there are some who say that the debates will continue until the last moment, when the name of the candidate for the Supreme Electoral Court will be announced. And the reason is very dramatic.

“If we announce early, our candidate will erode,” they say. Is it so hard to have the courage to stand up to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who announced his candidacy almost 5 years ago, after the June 24, 2018 elections, and say “I am a candidate.”

The significance of the Balkan tournament

On Tuesday, President Erdogan began a tour of the Balkans. Yesterday he was in Serbia, the second stage of this important visit that started in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Important statements were made regarding the volume of mutual trade. And the most important one refers to traveling with the bulletin to Serbia as well, after Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Erdogan also gave surprising answers to questions related to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Moreover, he said that what was decided to corner Russia generated an energy and supply crisis around the world. And he also criticized the West: “Send scraps to Ukraine, not weapons.”

“The Balkans are a very important geographic space for us.” It is the legacy left by the Ottomans to the Republic of Turkey. Taking care of this geographical space is our historical responsibility. By maintaining good relations with Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, President Erdogan is trying to prevent the birth of a conflict that could break out in the region.

As happened in the relations between Russia and Ukraine, these steps in foreign policy are very sensitive. Leaders around the world have a lot to learn from Erdogan about diplomacy.