The German government will provide aid of over one billion

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The German government announced on Friday that it wants to release more than one billion euros in military aid to Ukraine, but did not specify what the money would be used for, while Kiev complains that it does not receive heavy weapons from Berlin, AFP notes.

These funds are provided in an additional budget for this year.

In all, Berlin has decided to increase its international defense assistance to “two billion euros” in this collective budget, “most of which is planned in the form of military aid to Ukraine.” , a government spokeswoman told AFP.

That amount of two billion euros “will go mainly to Ukraine”, confirmed on Twitter the finance minister, Christian Lindner, which would guarantee Kiev more than one billion euros, according to Agerpres.

The funds are to be used by Ukraine to finance mainly the purchase of military equipment.

The German government is thus seeking to respond to growing criticism from the Ukrainian authorities, but also from some of its EU partners, such as Poland and the Baltic countries, of its apparent lack of arms support for Kyiv, even its complacency. compared to Moscow.

German head of state Franck Walter-Steinmeier suffered a diplomatic defeat this week, seeing a proposal to visit Kiev, which he had made, rejected by Ukrainian authorities.

The latter accuses the German president, and former foreign minister, who now has above all an honorary role, of pursuing a pro-Russian policy for years. Instead, he called for a visit by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, with the promise of rapid deliveries of heavy weapons in the face of the Russian offensive looming in the east of the country.

However, the Social Democrat chancellor is reluctant to authorize such deliveries, such as tanks, taken from German army stocks, for fear of entering a dangerous military spiral with Russia.

He is about to face the beginning of a crisis in his governing coalition that brings together both environmentalists and liberals. These last two parties are increasingly in favor of the delivery of heavy weapons and openly accuse Olaf Scholz of lack of leadership.