The Greek Prime Minister: After 12 years, Greece came out from under

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After 12 years of extensive surveillance imposed by the European Commission, Greece has turned the page, “a historic day for Greece and for the Greeks”, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Saturday, in a speech to the nation, AFP reports, according to TVR News.

“A 12-year cycle that caused pain to citizens, stagnated the economy and divided society is coming to an end. A new clear horizon of growth, unity and prosperity is opening for all”,

appreciated the conservative prime minister.

Starting from 2018, the developments and economic policies of Greece were monitored by the European Commission, in an extended surveillance regime, after, starting from 2010 until 2015, Athens needed three international assistance packages from the European Union and IMF, with a total value of almost 290 billion euros.

Pensions and salaries were cut, taxes increased, employment in the public sector was frozen, the budgets of administrations, hospitals and all public institutions were cut, AFP recalls.

“Today’s Greece is a different Greece. We have strong economic growth and a decrease in unemployment of 3% from last year and 5% from 2019”,

the Greek prime minister claimed.

The European Commission expects an economic growth of 4% this year, given that, on average, in the euro area the growth will be 2.6%.

But unemployment continues to be one of the highest in the euro zone, the minimum wage is one of the lowest, and the debt of 180% of GDP remains a burden for the country’s economy.