The Italians are taking action against electric scooters.

Rome is preparing for drastic measures regarding electric scooters. Authorities in Rome will impose new rules on scooters, such as limiting their use to adults with identity documents, following a series of accidents in which 17 people died. The speed limit will also be reduced.

The electric scooter rental market has experienced a real boom in recent years, with 14,500 scooters currently available in the Italian capital, made available by 7 authorized companies, writes The Guardian.

Authorities want to take drastic measures, including for people traveling on sidewalks and sometimes with more than one person on board.

17 people have been killed in Italy in the last two years as a result of incidents involving electric scooters, according to the Codacons consumer protection association. Its leader, Carlo Rienzi, last month described Rome as

“A wild west, with scooters going where they shouldn’t, often with two people on board, violating the speed limit.”

Rome police say they have an average of 15 accidents a month, according to AFP.

The new rules include limiting the use of electric scooters to adults with official IDs and limiting the number of operators in the city to three. There will also be parking restrictions, a move anticipated by the US company Bird, which recently announced that its scooters in the city center can only be left in designated areas.

The speed limit will also be reduced from 25 km / h to 20 on the roads and 6 in pedestrian areas.

The regulation should enter into force in January 2023.

The announcement comes in the same month in which an American tourist caused damage worth 25,000 euros after throwing her electric scooter down the steps of Rome’s Piazza di Spagna.

The incident was filmed by a passerby, and the police later caught the 28-year-old and fined a 29-year-old man with 400 euros each, for throwing his electric scooter on the marble steps of the eighteenth century. The two were also barred from returning to the monument.