The largest ballistic missile was launched by Korea

The largest ballistic missile was launched by Korea

On Sunday at 07:52 local time (22:52 GMT), off the east coast of North Korea, what is considered to be the largest rocket launch of 2017 was carried out, according to the BBC.

In this regard, Japan, South Korea and the United States have all condemned the launch, which is the seventh test of the month.

Thus, the UN bans North Korea from testing ballistic and nuclear weapons and has imposed strict sanctions.

But the East Asian state regularly defies the ban, and leader Kim Jong-un has vowed to strengthen his country’s defense.

In addition, the South Korean National Security Council said Sunday’s test was an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM), which would be the largest missile tested since November 2017.

In terms of size, Japanese and South Korean officials estimated that the rocket reached an altitude of 2,000 km and flew for 30 minutes to a distance of 800 km. It landed in the Sea of ​​Japan.

The United States has called on North Korea to “refrain from other acts of destabilization” in a statement issued by the US Army’s Indo-Pacific Command.

However, Pyongyang has already conducted two tests this week and conducted at least four more this month, claiming, among other things, that it launched hypersonic missiles on January 5 and 11.

Earlier this month, North Korea suggested it could resume nuclear tests and long-range weapons, which have been suspended since 2017.

So these tests come at a delicate time for the region: China, the North Korean regime’s only major ally, is hosting the Winter Olympics in February, and South Korea is holding presidential elections in March.