The mobile supermarket of the Bill Gates Foundation, which sold

A supermarket selling synthetic meat in the Dutch city of Alemlo was set on fire over the weekend, Newsweek reports. Authorities suspect the fire was set on purpose, especially since it belonged to the philanthropic foundation owned by billionaire and Microsoft philanthropist Bill Gates, a staunch environmentalist who promotes artificial meat sales, and his wife, Melinda.

As farmers protest in the Netherlands over animal husbandry restrictions, the US billionaire’s business is seen by many as a defiance of local farmers. Not to mention that Bill Gates is also responsible for additional climate laws that are destroying the agricultural industry.

The cause of the fire at the Picnic supermarket is still unclear and there is no evidence that its destruction was caused by farmers, according to the authorities quoted by

There is also the suspicion that the fire was caused by a short circuit in one of the electric cars used to transport products to customers, the store being specialized in online sales.

Picnic Supermarket was established in 2015 and has 60 employees. The store delivers electric trucks produced to customers in 125 locations in the Netherlands and Germany, according to reelnouvelles.com.

In 2021, the company had a turnover of one billion euros.

Gates is the largest private owner of agricultural land in America, with over 270,000 acres in the United States.