The morning coffee simply doubles its price

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7-Eleven coffees are the latest victims of Australia’s cost of living crisis as the coffee chain buckles under the pressure of inflation. The famous chain retail network of gas stations is preparing a real blow to the average Australian. Coffee prices will increase at 7-Eleven across the country to address the retailer’s increased operating costs.

A regular cup of coffee will simply double in price starting Tuesday, October 4, to $2, while large coffees go up to $3 and super portions to $3.50. Those looking to save a penny, however, can bring their own reusable cup to the store to save 50 cents on their morning coffee.

The chain’s famous $1 coffee isn’t the only caffeinated product customers will pay more for; iced coffees and iced coffees will be $3, as will in-store hot chocolate.

The price increase comes for the first time in over a decade, with the retail chain’s regular-sized coffee remaining at $1 since 2009.

7-Eleven CEO and managing director Angus McKay said it was no longer possible for the well-known retailer to absorb the costs.

“Although this is the first price change in more than a decade, $2 for a regular coffee remains among the best deals in the industry,” McKay told NCA NewsWire.

“We will continue to offer our customers great value and great quality, while ensuring our prices are sustainable for store owners, our suppliers and our communities,” he concluded, as quoted by Retail News.