The Queen’s funeral, the event with the largest audience

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According to the first estimates presented by the British press, more than four billion people watched, in all corners of the world, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which means that it was the most watched event in history. Wherever they were, Britons abroad watched with emotion, on the Internet or on television, the last journey of the sovereign. But not only the British.

The whole of the United Kingdom came to a standstill. Streets deserted, shops closed, it was a day off for people to attend the funeral, to lead the queen on her last journey. According to TVR, the famous light advertisements in Picadilly Circus, one of London’s emblems, were turned off, and only the queen’s monogram was on the screened screens.

People from all over the world watched the funeral. In France, Spain and Germany, many terraces and bars opened earlier and announced to customers as early as a few days ago that they can come to watch the royal ceremony.

After a record reign, Her Majesty’s funeral service will go down in history as the most watched event in history.

According to preliminary figures, Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was watched by more people than Princess Diana’s funeral or the Apollo 11 moon landing.

According to the Daily Express, however, it is not the first time the Queen has broken television records, as her coronation in 1953 was the first to be televised, reaching more than 27 million viewers in the UK and many millions more overseas.

With hundreds of thousands of mourners and royal fans, the ceremony itself in London was attended by 500 of the world’s top political leaders, dignitaries and royals.

Until now, the most watched event on UK television was the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, which took place 25 years ago on 6 September 1997 and attracted an average of 32.1 million of people. With around 19.3 million people watching the event on BBC One and 11.7 million on ITV, global audience figures are said to have reached 2.5 billion.

The most watched event in television history until now was the opening ceremony of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, which attracted 3.6 billion viewers.

Until the Queen’s funeral, no event came close to those ratings.

photo: Express

WatchTVAbroad.com TV analyst Carolina Beltramo predicted the Queen’s funeral would break that record, claiming 4.1 billion viewers tuned in.

If the estimate turns out to be correct, it would mean that more than half of the world’s population watched.

Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle was watched by 1.9 billion, while the 2018 World Cup final between France and Croatia attracted 1.1 billion viewers.

Muhammad Ali’s memorial service was watched by a billion people in 2016.