“The rescue package” | Lidl wants to save from destruction

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The German retailer Lidl will start selling the so-called “rescue packages”, with the help of which store customers will be able to buy vegetables and fruits with small defects or imperfections at significantly reduced prices, according to the specialized publication European Supermarket Magazine.

For now, the initiative will only be available in the company’s home market of Germany.

The management of the company hopes that this will save a large amount of fruits and vegetables that can still be eaten, but which would otherwise be destined for the trash, due to minor aesthetic defects.

The “rescue packages” will be sold at the single price of 3 euros and will contain five kilograms of vegetables and fruits. The composition of each “package” will not be uniform, but will be determined according to the foods available in each store.

In Germany, a huge amount of food – about 11 million tons – ends up in the trash every year, according to the latest data (June 2022) from the Federal Statistical Office. The main reasons food is thrown away are expiry and damage during transport.

Retail is responsible for just 7% of this waste, with the majority of food waste being the responsibility of household consumers.

Lidl Germany has placed the prevention of food waste at the center of its sustainability strategy for the horizon of 2030. Thus, by 2025, the company aims to reduce food and organic waste by 30%, under the strategic umbrella of the “Lidl Food Rescue” concept.

From the end of 2020, products approaching their expiration date are offered to customers at a discount in green boxes highlighted as such with the text “Ich bin noch gut” (“I’m still good”). the initiative enjoying great success throughout Germany.