The Russian imitation of McDonald’s is making waves. sale

“On the first day, we sold almost 120,000 burgers. We have never seen such a single turnover since McDonald’s operates in Russia, “Oleg Paroev told Reuters.

On June 12 and 13, 50 restaurants of the new brand reopened in and around Moscow, after three months the restaurants were closed. Long queues formed in front of the “showcase” of the new brand’s fast food restaurant, located in Moscow’s Pushkin Square, where Russia’s first McDonald’s restaurant opened in January 1990.

The company’s chief executive, Oleg Paroev, told Reuters he did not expect such a request to last. However, he hopes to exceed the growth target set by the new owner, Alexander Govor, just ahead of schedule.

Govor plans to open 1,000 restaurants in four to five years, compared to the 850 restaurants that were opened in the past under the McDonald’s brand. Alexander Govor, who already ran 25 restaurants, bought about 700, according to Oleg Paroev.

The growth of the new group could face some obstacles. For example, the lack of McDonald’s flagship products on the menu.

“We had to withdraw certain products because they had too close a connection with McDonald’s, such as McFlurry and Big Mac,” Oleg Paroïev recently explained.

“It’s a big loss,” he told Reuters, adding that replacement recipes were in the works.

Also, the sour drink Coca-Cola will soon disappear in Russia. Stocks are running low, and the company is looking for a new beverage supplier. The establishment of the new brand will take time, but Oleg Paroev is optimistic.

“Our guests will get used to the new name,” he promises.