The Russian president compared himself to the tsar and said that he did

The Russian president compared himself to the tsar and said that he did

Vladimir Putin made a surprising statement in the context in which his country celebrated Peter the Great on Thursday, June 9th. More specifically, the Russian president compared himself to the tsar and said that he “did not conquer anything”, but only “recovered”.

In the historical context, the Russian president compared his policy in Ukraine with that of Tsar Peter the Great when he fought against Sweden in the Great Northern War.

Thus, “I just visited an exhibition dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great. It’s amazing, but almost nothing has changed. (…) Peter the Great fought the Northern War for 21 years. There is an impression that he has won something by fighting Sweden. He did not conquer anything, he recovered. He was not conquering anything, he was recovering.

When he founded the new capital, no country in Europe recognized this territory as belonging to Russia. Everyone considered him part of Sweden. But from time immemorial, Slavs lived there with Finno-Ugric peoples. (…) He is recovering and strengthening the country, “Vladimir Putin said, according to

Thus, the Kremlin leader sent the message on Thursday, June 9, in a meeting with young entrepreneurs in Moscow, on the occasion of the day when Russia celebrates Tsar Peter the Great.

Putin also said that there were times in Russia’s history when she was forced to withdraw.

“It simply came to our notice then. Yes, there were times in the history of our country when we were forced to withdraw, but only to regain our strength and move forward, “added the Russian president.

Nearly 20,000 Russian soldiers have died so far in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the invasion, the number of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine could reach 20,000 – according to the assessment of a high-ranking Western official, quoted by the BBC. Previous estimates a few weeks ago were about 15,000. This official estimate has risen to “between 15,000 and 20,000.”

In addition, the Western official, who does not want to be named, does not speculate on the number of Ukrainians killed. However, he acknowledges that Ukrainian forces are “facing major morale issues” after more than 100 days of fighting.

By comparison, while the Ukrainian military is “suffering heavy losses”, he says the Russian offensive continues to be “deeply disturbed on several levels”.

He claims that Russian forces lack certain ammunition – especially precision weapons, such as cruise missiles.