The Russians announce the use of the Suhoi Su-57 invisible plane

The Russians announce the use of the Suhoi Su-57 invisible plane

Russia allegedly used four invisible planes against Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems

Thus, the RIA Novosti news agency announces from its own source that Russia has carried out a mission of four Su-57 fighter jets to destroy Ukraine’s air defense systems.

“During a special operation in Ukraine, Russia carried out a mission of four Su-57 fighter jets connected to a single intelligence network to destroy air defense systems,” an informed source said. (…) Combining the aircraft in a single intelligence network increases the efficiency of identifying and hitting targets, ”RIA Novosti reported.

In this context, the source explained that this mission confirmed the low visibility of the Su-57 aircraft on radar. We recall that the Russian press previously claimed that the Su-57 aircraft were used in Ukraine, but “outside the active area of ​​the enemy air defense systems”.

Specifically, the Su-57 aircraft officially entered the Russian forces only in 2020, although it was used in tests in previous years, including in Syria, without being directly involved in the fighting.

Russia has suffered heavy losses in Ukraine

In other words, since the beginning of the invasion, the losses suffered by the Russian army in this war in Ukraine, reach figures that are difficult for Vladimir Putin to digest.

The number of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine could reach 20,000 – according to an estimate by a senior Western official, quoted by the BBC. Previous estimates a few weeks ago were about 15,000. This official estimate has risen to “between 15,000 and 20,000.”

In the comparative context, the Western official, who does not want to be named, does not speculate on the number of Ukrainians killed. However, he acknowledges that Ukrainian forces are “facing major morale issues” after more than 100 days of fighting.

In conclusion, while the Ukrainian armed forces are “suffering heavy losses”, he says that the Russian offensive continues “to be deeply disturbed on several levels”. He claims that Russian forces lack certain ammunition – especially precision weapons, such as cruise missiles.