The Russians are shivering at the Irish embassy because

In early March, Catholic priest Fergal MacDonagh threw red paint at the fence and gates of the Russian embassy in Dublin in protest of the invasion of Ukraine and, in particular, the bombing of a maternity hospital. Photo source: Ronan McGreevy / The Irish Times.

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The Russian embassy in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, will soon run out of fuel for heating and hot water and complains that several Irish oil companies have refused to deliver stocks, writes the Irish publication Irish Mirror, quoted by Digi24. Information from the same publication also states that the Central Bank of Ireland has blocked the embassy’s accounts and that other companies, not just those that supply fuel, refuse to do business with the Russians.

The Russian embassy wrote a letter to the Irish Foreign Ministry, asking the Dublin government to intervene, given that Irish oil companies refuse to do business with the official representation of one of the world’s largest fuel producers.

The Russian embassy in Dublin is asking the ministry to “intervene in this clear case of discrimination”, in which its fuel supplier – diesel – refused to make further deliveries.

A source quoted by the Irish publication says:

“The embassy is struggling because no one wants to do business with them because of what is happening in Ukraine. It’s not just about some oil companies, it’s about banks and many other businesses. “

According to Irish sources, the Bank of Ireland has decided to suspend the embassy’s accounts. The same sources claim that the contracts for the maintenance of the boiler and the supply of fuel have been liquidated by some companies.

Diesel is essential for heating and hot water in the embassy building and in the residential area of ​​the diplomatic mission, writes the letter to the Irish Foreign Ministry.

“The embassy checked with other suppliers in the Dublin region on the availability of diesel stocks, but they all refused to cooperate. The embassy still has a very limited amount only until the end of the week “, the embassy also writes.

The Russian embassy has also sent a complaint to the Foreign Ministry in Dublin, claiming that Russians living in Ireland do not feel safe and discriminated against as a result of the war in Ukraine.

A source from an oil company says that the Russians are “desperate” and are looking to get, as soon as possible, 3,000 liters of fuel oil from outside the capital, the companies refusing to supply stocks.

“They agreed to pay in advance. The money was not a problem, he would have paid anything “, says the source.

The company would also refuse to deliver because of war crimes committed in Ukraine.

Contacted by Irish Mirror, Embassy Press Secretary Nikita Isakin said:

“The embassy does not disclose details about its communications with the authorities or any other third party.”

A spokesman for the Dublin Foreign Ministry also declined to comment on the communication with the embassies or their operation.

Asked about the situation, Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said:

“I have no sympathy for the Russian government, for the Russian embassy.”

The Irish government is checking whether it needs to intervene under the Vienna Convention. However, sources quoted by the publication say that the foreign ministry “cannot force a company to do business with the Russians”.