The Spaniards are facing the earliest heat wave

The Spaniards are facing the earliest heat wave

As of this month, the Spaniards are facing the earliest heat wave in history, TVR News shows. Thus, in the south of the country, 43 degrees were recorded, and meteorologists issued a red heat wave in several provinces. In this sense, it will die tomorrow, the temperatures will calm down, and new alerts will come into force on Thursday.

In Seville, it was 43 degrees at noon, an unusual temperature for June. The Spaniards struggled to cope with the African heat wave.

The same was true in Madrid of the red heat wave. Among those most affected were construction workers, and some outdoor events were suspended.

In this context, doctors especially recommend the elderly to avoid walking in the open air. Specifically, a number of 12 provinces are under heatwave warning until Wednesday, but meteorologists say temperatures will continue to rise. The fire alert level has also been increased and outdoor barbecues or cigarette butts are not allowed on the floor.

Meteorologists have announced a very high probability of developing a strong heat wave this week, first in southwestern Europe.

The heat wave will gradually cover western Europe.

The heat dome, a hot air mass, blocked in a region for days or weeks, will be stationed in France and Spain these days, according to Severe Weather specialists.

Temperatures of 40 degrees in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Algeria

Extreme heat has intensified in the Iberian Peninsula this weekend.

In Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Algeria it was 40 degrees in the afternoon.

In the following days, the heat will reach France and will intensify even more.

Temperatures are expected to rise to 40 ° C in the south of France, and in Spain, the values ​​could exceed 45 ° C, a historical heat record for June, writes Observatornews.

Moreover, this week, the heat dome will also affect Germany, Benelux and England and could be extended until next week.

In Portugal, too, temperatures could exceed 42-43 ° C in the southern regions.

Peak temperatures are also possible during the day, reaching 44-45 ° C from Monday to Thursday.