The trailing western mind. Ursula from CE: “I had to

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The President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, announces that gas imports from Russia decreased from 40% last year at the European level, to 9% this year. It also puts ashes on its head on behalf of the European West and says that it would have been beneficial for Europe if it had listened to the alarm signals coming from the East that constantly warned about Russian revisionism.

“We learned at least one lesson from this war: we should have listened to those who know Putin. Anna Politkovskaia, for example, and all the Russian journalists who exposed the crimes and who paid for it with their lives. We had to listen to our friends from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and the opposition members from Belarus. We should have listened to the voices that were raised in the European Union, in Poland, the Baltic States and in Central and Eastern Europe. Over the years, they all warned us that Putin would not stop and acted accordingly. Our friends in the Baltic States have made efforts to end dependence on Russia. They invested massively in renewable energy sources, in liquefied natural gas terminals. Of course, all this has cost, but dependence on hydrocarbons from Russia means an even more stinging price to pay. So we have to get rid of this addiction everywhere in Europe”, said the EC president, quoted by news.ro.

It announces that the EU is at 80% of storage capacity, emphasizing that “it is not enough” and that the EU will rely on gas suppliers such as the USA, Norway or Algeria.

“Last year, Russian gas accounted for 40% of gas imports to Europe. Today, we have only reached 9%, but we also find that Russia is actively manipulating our energy market, preferring to waste gas, burn it rather than send it to the European continent. This market no longer works, therefore”, adds the President of the Commission.

She emphasized that there is a need to reduce energy demand in general and especially during peak hours.