The Trump family, tax fraud for over 10 years in

The New York State Attorney’s Office filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against former President Donald Trump and the organization that manages his family’s companies, alleging fraudulent practices related to the value of assets.

In the more than 200-page indictment, Attorney General Letitia James alleges that the fraud involved all aspects of Trump’s business, including his properties and golf courses.

“The statements of financial position were grossly exaggerated, grossly inflated, therefore fraudulent and illegal. And as a result, we seek justice, and Mr. Trump, the Trump Organization, his family — all should be held accountable,” she added.

Trump and his children, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump, are defendants in the suit. Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s former chief financial officer, and Jeff McConney, another longtime executive at the company, are also involved.

Specifically, the Trump Organization, which includes companies owned by the former president’s family, is suspected of having artificially inflated the value of assets to obtain loans and insurance policies and reduced the value of assets to avoid paying taxes

“This behavior cannot be brushed aside and dismissed as some kind of mistake in good faith. The acts of fraud and misrepresentation were committed by senior Trump Organization management as part of a joint effort for each annual return and were approved at the highest levels of the Trump Organization — including by Mr. Trump himself. “, the indictment states.

The prosecutor specified that the state is requesting compensation of 250 million dollars and the prohibition of the management of some companies for the members of the Trump family involved.

Trump previously called James a “renegade prosecutor” who runs a “vindictive and selfish fishing expedition.” The Trump Organization called her previous allegations “baseless” and denied any wrongdoing, according to CNN.