The truth is slowly emerging in Moscow as well. See the percentage

A poll published by the Russian news agency Interfax on Tuesday, the 41st day of Russia’s war against Ukraine, shows that 8% of Russians – or, in other words, 1 in 12 – want to emigrate permanently, according to Russian media. In reality, however, independent experts in Moscow say that the percentage is increasing, as the shortages take over the Russian market, and the inhabitants are aware of the atrocities of their own army, many of which could soon be part of them.

According to the survey, this attitude is mainly found among young people, and the trend decreases with increasing age – 8% of respondents in the age group 31-45 years want to emigrate, while in the group 46-60 years the proportion it is 5%, and for those over 60 it is only 2%.

Interfax claims that, according to the same poll, the vast majority of Russians (89%) do not want to leave the country. The proportion is 97% for Russians over 60 years of age.

The Russian news agency says the survey was conducted March 25-27, with 1,500 major respondents and more than 104 localities in 53 regions of the Russian Federation.