The United States has decided to revoke Russia 's trade status and

The United States has decided to revoke Russia ‘s trade status and

Following the military tensions in Ukraine, the US House of Representatives decided on Thursday, March 17, to revoke the trade status of Russia and Belarus. Thus, the way was opened for punitive customs tariffs.

Russia is facing a financial disaster! The United States has just taken the first step

President Joe Biden announced the measure last week with the aim of “further isolating Russia on the world stage”, but this new sanction will be validated in Congress, writes

In this regard, the House of Representatives took a first step in this direction with a vote on Thursday afternoon, validated by the vast majority of elected officials.

Democrats and Republicans have already expressed support for the move

It is up to the Senate to end normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus. It would be a formality because Democrats and Republicans in this House have already expressed support for the measure.

In the economic context, depriving Russia of the “most-favored-nation clause”, a principle of reciprocity that underlies free trade, the West de facto eliminates it from the global free trade game and grants itself the right to heavily tax imports of Russian products.

As for the United States, only two other countries are currently excluded from this principle of reciprocity that underlies most international trade relations: Cuba and North Korea.

The mistake that will cost Putin everything

According to The Telegraph, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made three major mistakes since sending the Russian army to Ukraine, namely: he relied on Russian support, denied the existence of the Ukrainian people, and relied on a divided West.

This time, the unjustified invasion of Ukraine will never have the same public support as the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014. In addition, protests against the war in Russia are gradually increasing, and the Russian population may have an unexpected reaction when it finds out the number of the people killed in the military conflict in Ukraine.

In fact, the propaganda of the Russian rulers will fail, even if they now control the state television and have closed the social networks. At some point, Russian citizens will learn of Vladimir Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine, and Russia is threatened by political instability.

In addition, Vladimir Putin was naive when he underestimated the devotion of the Ukrainian people to his country. According to the quoted source, the Russian president was convinced that the Ukrainians are “little Russians”, who will cheer the “Russian liberators” with cheers, but the reality was completely different.

Specifically, when the Russian army arrived in Ukraine, the Ukrainian military “greeted” them with missiles and drones. In addition, war crimes against Ukrainian civilians have destroyed any Russophile feelings in Ukraine.

Moreover, Vladimir Putin was firmly convinced that the West would impose the same superficial sanctions as in 2014, but now the United States and the European Union have united and imposed harsh sanctions on the Russian economy.