The US Covid-19 vaccine market could

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The annual market for Covid-19 vaccines in the United States could be in the range of $5.2 billion to $12.9 billion in the future, depending on vaccine prices and who is eligible to receive them, Moderna’s chief commercial officer said Thursday , Arpa Garay, reports Reuters.

Speaking at Moderna’s annual research and development event, Garay said the range is based on price assumptions of $64 to $100 for a vaccine.

The lower end of the estimate also assumes that only the high-risk population in the United States would be eligible for the recall, about 82 million people.

The high-end estimate is based on the idea that all 258 million American adults are eligible for vaccination and assumes that half would receive vaccines.

US officials have said the government’s supply of vaccines and antiviral treatment will run out over the next year, meaning vaccines are expected to begin being sold commercially sometime in 2023.

Globally, Garay said the size of the high-risk population that would be eligible for vaccines is about 340 million people.