The US has denied that Russia destroyed six missile systems

The US has denied that Russia destroyed six missile systems

Shortly after Russia announced that it had destroyed six US-made HIMARS missile systems, the Pentagon issued an official response denying that this had happened.

The war in Ukraine continues even now, and Russia is constantly announcing victories on the front. One of the most recent would be the destruction of several US-made HIMARS missile systems.

A reaction to this came from the Pentagon. The cited source announces that the claims made by Moscow officials that six such missile systems have been destroyed since the start of the war are completely false.

In his statements, “We are aware of these latest statements by Minister Shoigu, which are again obviously false,” said Todd Breasseale, Pentagon spokesman.

The US denies the announcement made by Russia regarding the destruction of HIMARS

The Pentagon’s clarifications come after the Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, announced on Tuesday that Russia had succeeded in destroying them during the almost six months of war, writes Reuters.

On the other hand, the American official also added that Ukraine manages to effectively use every missile system it receives and also copes with the wave of attacks coming from Russia.

Thus, “What is happening, however, is that the Ukrainians are using with devastating accuracy and effectiveness every one of the missile systems, fully proven for their accuracy, that the US, its allies and partners have offered to defend against the criminal invasion and brutal Russia,” added Breasseale.

In this conflict, the fact that it is not the first time that Russian officials announce successes of this meaning, categorized as false by the West. Moscow regularly announces that it destroys HIMARS missile systems, but has never presented solid evidence of this.

Russia’s announced victories so far in Ukraine

In addition to the destruction of HIMARS, Russian Minister Sergei Shoigu also announced at the beginning of the week that Russia also managed to destroy five other Harpoon anti-ship missile launch systems and 33 M777 howitzers since deploying tens of thousands of soldiers to Ukraine.

However, even Reuters was unable to verify the veracity of this information, the only announcement in this regard coming only from Russia.

Ukraine, on the other hand, announces that things are going well on the front. Several officials recently announced that they operate up to 12 HIMARS systems, whose accuracy and long range have allowed Kiev to reduce the advantage of Russian artillery.