The US is sending 800 million US military aid to Ukraine

The US is sending 800 million US military aid to Ukraine

On 13-04-2022, US President Joe Biden announced additional $ 800 million in military aid for Ukraine and extended the type of weapons that will be sent to include heavy artillery, pending an extended assault on Ukraine. Russians in eastern Ukraine, Reuters reports.

This package now increases the amount of military aid that the United States has sent to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion to $ 2.5 billion, and this package includes artillery systems, ammunition, armored personnel carriers and coastal defense boats. without a pilot, Biden said in a written statement after a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

President Joe Biden said he also approved the transfer of helicopters and that the equipment provided to Ukraine “was critical” in dealing with the invasion.

Thus, “We cannot rest now. As I assured President Zelensky, the American people will continue to stand by the brave people of Ukraine in their struggle for freedom, “Biden said.

In the context of aid, the new aid package includes 11 Mi-17 helicopters that were allocated to Afghanistan before the US-backed government collapsed last year. The aid also includes 18 155 mm howitzers with 40,000 projectiles, artillery radars, 200 armored personnel carriers and 300 “Switchblade” drones.

This is the first time that howitzers have been sent to Ukraine by the US.

For his part, Penatagon spokesman John Kirby said some of the systems, such as howitzers and radars, would require additional training for Ukrainian forces not accustomed to using US military equipment.

During this time, “We are aware of the time and know that he is not our friend,” Kiorby said when asked about the speed of deliveries.