The US limits exports of some materials and technologies with

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The United States has adopted stricter controls for the export of technologies related to the production of semiconductors and gas turbine engines, which it considers to be essential for national security, reports the Reuters agency, quoted by News.ro.

The list of “emerging and core technologies” covered by the measure includes gallium oxide and diamond because “devices using these materials have significantly increased military potential,” the Commerce Department said.

“Technological advances that allow technologies such as semiconductors and motors to operate faster, more efficiently, for longer and under more severe conditions can be game-changers in both commercial and military contexts. When we recognize both the risks and the benefits and act together with our international partners, we can ensure that our shared security goals are met,” said Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security Alan Estevez.

The four technologies are among the elements that 42 countries reached a consensus to control at a meeting in December 2021.

The US export controls cover a wider range of technologies, including additional equipment, software and technology used to make semiconductors, than the international agreement.

Gallium oxide and diamond allow semiconductors to work under more severe conditions, such as higher voltages or higher temperatures.