The war in Ukraine is entering a new phase, in the opinion

The war in Ukraine is entering a new phase, in the opinion

Currently, the CEO of the New Strategy Center, an NGO that provides a framework for debates on topics of utmost importance to Romania, issued a dire warning about the war in Ukraine. According to the specialist, the conflict has entered a new phase.

The war in Ukraine is entering a new phase. Vladimir Putin will initiate forceful military actions

In his statements, George Scutaru, CEO of the New Strategy Center, explained that Vladimir Putin is not only playing for “his own political existence, but also his life”. Thus, he says, forceful military actions will be started.

Thus, “We have to understand that Putin is not only playing his own political existence, but also his life. I don’t think that Putin will have a peaceful retirement (…). What is possible? Let us even witness a violent regime change and even the physical disappearance of Putin in the event of a coup d’état or an uprising, as was the case in February 1917.

Putin is banking on this threat, and there is this theory of de-escalation through escalation in Russian strategy. So we are now witnessing the escalation of the conflict. First of all with this nuclear threat.(…) They are trying to launch this threat, to create fear in the West that Russia might use nuclear weapons.

But at the same time we have to see what is happening today also as a message for the domestic zone for the Russians. He must show that he is still in control of things and that he is a president who inspires respect and fear”, said George Scutaru, according to

There will be a buildup of forces in February-March

He also said there was likely to be a build-up between February and March, which could take place “over the littoral zone”.

In his view, “Probably after there is an accumulation of forces in the February-March period, I estimate that we will witness a new offensive by the Russian Federation. It is very possible that this will take place over the coastal area. In my opinion, I believe that Putin is not giving up his goal of destroying Ukraine, and even if he wants to end the war on some favorable terms, we will see the offensive precisely to gain some advantages on the ground and to succeed in gaining some advantages military”, added the CEO of the New Strategy Center.

We recall that the specialist’s statement came after the Russian president announced on Wednesday, February 21, a “partial mobilization” of the reservists, paving the way for a major escalation of the war in Ukraine as Moscow loses ground on the battlefield.