There is no cause for concern

There is no cause for concern

In Europe, the war in Ukraine has led to a deterioration in European and Euro-Atlantic security, Bogdan Aurescu said recently. However, the foreign minister explained that there was no cause for concern.

How has European security been affected by the war in Ukraine?

In his explanations, Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said that the situation in the Black Sea did not only affect Romania, because the consequences were felt both by NATO and at the level of European security.

Thus, “The situation in the Black Sea is the one that is observable from the beginning of hostilities, that is, it is clear that not only for Romania, but for the North Atlantic Alliance as a whole and for European and Euro-Atlantic security as a whole, the war in Ukraine leading to a deterioration in security. That is absolutely certain. But there are no elements that cause us concern, beyond this finding which is an obvious one “, Bogdan Aurescu declared at Digi 24.

On the other hand, speaking about the parade in Moscow, the minister stressed that “the reality on the ground has led to another reality today” and during the event “nothing remarkable could be celebrated”.

In his opinion, “The Moscow parade was an event that the Russian Federation organizes every year, but despite those analyzes that said that May 9 will be the time when a victory will be celebrated on the Ukrainian front, if there was Such a planning by the Russian Federation, it is clear that the reality on the ground led to another reality today, May 9, and nothing remarkable could be celebrated. I watched the event closely and found nothing special, nothing spectacular except the notable absences that everyone noticed, as well as a rather defensive and justifiable speech by President Putin for the Russian Federation’s action in Ukraine, but a discourse that shows in certain points of its series a series of elements that indicate again an inverted reality, that is a different type of reality than the one that everyone knows ”, added Aurescu.

Bogdan Aurescu analyzes Vladimir Putin’s speech

Analyzing the Russian president’s speech, he said that certain elements of the speech show a reversed reality.

Thus, “What does President Putin say in his speech? It refers to the fact that these proposals made by the Russian Federation were rejected by NATO Allies, by the United States by default, because they had completely different plans, which was later seen. In fact, (…) the fact that those proposals were made public immediately shows in, say, the language, in quotation marks, of the negotiators, the fact that you don’t really want to negotiate what you put on the table. If what you put on the table is already made public, that means you have no place to turn. It is a kind of ultimatum, a kind of take it or leave it, so a type of proposal that is either accepted by the interlocutors or leads to the conclusion of negotiations.

In fact, it was the Russian Federation that had other plans, which we had already seen through the very strong accumulation of forces around Ukraine. There is also talk of preparations for an invasion of our historic lands, including Crimea. We know very well that at that time – and today, as then, as when Crimea was illegally occupied, as at the time when that protracted conflict was created in the Donbas, these territories do not belong. They cannot belong to Russia, but they are de jure under the sovereignty of Ukraine “, the minister explained.

In addition, Bogdan Aurescu reacted after Putin spoke about NATO’s active military development of territories adjacent to Russia.

So, “You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? About the measures taken by the North Atlantic Alliance after 2014, the time of the occupation of Crimea, in response to the occupation of Crimea and the increasingly assertive attitude of the Russian Federation. Everything NATO has done since 2014 with its presence on the East Side is nothing more than proportionate responses to an increasingly threatening action by the Russian Federation, trying to discourage further escalations by the Russian Federation.

Here is a narrative that turns reality around 180 degrees and actually tries to justify what President Putin also presents in his speech a preventive rejection of aggression, which the West allegedly planned against Russia. There are also other issues discussed in the speech, such as the delivery of modern weapons from NATO countries to Ukraine, which would also have justified this preventive action by the Russian Federation. We all know that in fact the arms deliveries to Ukraine took place after the invasion started, in order to help the victim of the aggression to face the illegal, unprovoked, unjustified attack of the Russian Federation “, added Aurescu.