Three merchant ships were hit by Russian missiles in

Three merchant ships were hit by Russian missiles in

On 16-03-2022, a Panamanian-flagged merchant ship was sunk by Russian rockets in the Black Sea, and two other ships were damaged, Panamanian Maritime Authority chief Noriel Arauz told AFP.

Following this attack, the crews of the ships are safe, said Noriel Arauz.

In his opinion, “We know that three boats (under the Panamanian flag) were victims of Russian missile attacks. One of these ships sank and the other two floated, but suffered material damage, “Arauz told reporters.

From the navigable point of view, the Russian naval forces forbid a number of 200 to 300 merchant ships of different countries to “come out of the Black Sea”, denounced the head of the Panamanian Maritime Authority.

Currently, ten Panamanian-flagged ships, mainly carrying grain, and about 150 of their crew members are stranded in the Black Sea.

In this context, the state of Panama claims to have the most ships registered under its flag, about 8,000, representing 17% of the world’s merchant navy.

In terms of security, on February 25, after a first attack on a Panamanian-flagged ship, the Central American authorities demanded that the navigation in the Ukrainian and Russian waters of the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov be avoided.

In other news, four Russian warships passed through Tsugaru Strait in northeastern Japan on Tuesday and Wednesday, possibly carrying troops and combat vehicles to Ukraine, Japan’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. .

Thus, “the Ministry of Defense of Japan will continue to monitor closely the situation and the movements of the Russian army,” the ministry said on its official Twitter account.

Geographically, the Tsugaru Strait connects the Sea of ​​Japan to the Pacific Ocean and is located between Japan’s two largest major islands, Honshu and Hokkaido.