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Top most popular NFT games based on cryptocurrencies –

NFTs and NFT games have been receiving a lot of attention lately, with the number of users and the price of cryptocurrencies behind these games skyrocketing. But what are the best NFT games today and what can we expect from the games that will be released in the next period?

Non-fungal chips (NFTs) have repeatedly shown that they have the potential to completely change the gaming world, and the emergence of NFTs promises a new and exciting way for players to play more important roles in the gaming economy and receive rewards in the process.

As game developers increasingly adopt blockchain technology to give their games a more engaging experience, this paradigm is beginning to take shape. In this guide we will give you an overview of some of the best NFT games available at the moment.

What are NFT Play-to-Earn Games?

An NFT game combines conventional game models with unconventional gameplay mechanisms to allow users to have more control over the game’s assets, such as skins, characters, weapons, virtual terrains, and more. This is possible by launching blockchain games and anchoring them to digital asset-powered savings.

These digital assets are often NFTs so that they are distinct and inviolable, and the adoption of NFT token standards allows developers to keep the rarity and uniqueness of some of these items in the game. This is why some blockchain games assets are considered more expensive than others.

With such a system, players can claim ownership of the game’s assets through 3 main strategies. They can create or generate new characters, buy digital items in native or third-party markets, or unlock and earn new items.

No matter how users choose to access these gaming assets, they have exclusive ownership of them. In essence, they can distribute or sell them and keep all the money from such transactions. This is basically why this game model is called play-to-earn.

What are the best NFT games?

The games we are talking about below are among the most popular NFT crypto games because they have successfully integrated NFT technology into the gaming platform and have a user base of millions.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity was very inspired by the Pokemon game series, to which it adds its own blockchain technology to give the finished product an even more interesting feature. In this Ethereum-based game, players grow and collect NFT-based digital pets called Axies, with the main goal of fighting other players.

Each individual Axis has its own genetic footprint. Therefore, the weaknesses and strengths of the Axies are passed on to their descendants.

As expected, these digital pets are marketable on the Ethereum NFT markets, and the price of each depends on their rarity and unique features. To start the game, you need to purchase 3 Axies. For each mission, player-versus-player (PVP) battle and adventure mode that you scale, you receive as a reward Smooth Love Potion (SLP) – the platform’s native ERC-20 utility token.

For each attempt to create a new Axie, you have to pay a certain amount of SLP, which you can purchase from almost any cryptocurrency exchange. Another native ERC20 token for Axie Infinity is Axis Infinity Shard (AXS), which acts as a governance token for the platform.

The Sandbox 3D

The Sandbox is a metavers of voxel-based games and one of the most active NFT gaming platforms where players can build and trade virtual assets. In this game, players can manipulate and monetize voxel assets.

Think of it as a blockchain iteration of popular game titles like Minecraft and Roblox. Platforms provide the tools to create and animate items that you can later sell. In addition, users can create and play custom games on the platform.

Sandbox 3D introduced SAND, an ERC-20 token, as a native metaverse symbol. With it, players can buy in-game items from the platform market. There is also LAND, which are NFT chips, some of the most valuable and sought after assets in the Sandbox game.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game designed to integrate NFT elements into a card trading game. Players accumulate cards by buying them from other players or winning PVP matches in which the quality of the cards and the playing skills of the players often determine the winner.

Gods Unchained puts more emphasis on skills and strategies. This is because the game uses a ranked structure, in which players with the same ratings are matched.

With this game you win matches whenever your game makes your opponent’s life reach zero before you. For each match won, you receive experience points. As soon as the experience bar is completed, you will move on to the next rating or level and you will receive a new pack of books that you will add to your collection.

Note that each card is supported by an ERC-721 token. Therefore, you can trade them on the platform’s native market or on the open market. Those who choose to sell cards in the gaming ecosystem will receive a payment for the platform’s native token, GODS.

Note that the GODS token was not officially released at the time of writing. Therefore, make sure that the development team has launched GODS tokens on the crypto market before purchasing any token traded under the name GODS.


Similar to Gods Unchained, Splinterlands is a marketable card game that allows users to win as they play. With this game you earn rewards whenever you get card matches. To start playing Splinterlands, you must first purchase a deck of starting cards, create a Steem account, and reveal the cards purchased on Splinterlands.

In some cases, you may be lucky enough to find rare books in the first set of purchased books. You can also find multiples of the same type of book. If this happens, you can combine identical cards to increase their power or sell one of them in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an NFT Defi metavers that simulates economic competition and collaboration between players in an attempt to explore other planets. This is done by encouraging players to compete for the Trilium (TLM), which is needed to control competing decentralized autonomous organizations and gain access to an additional game.

In the Alien Worlds metaverse, players can purchase NFTs to extract TLMs, engage in battles, and complete in-game missions. Depending on their strategy, players can buy and assemble NFTs that best suit their game. In addition, players can engage in government by choosing the advisors of six Planet DAOs, thus influencing the direction of the game.

Battle Racers

As the name suggests, Battle Racers is inspired by popular titles such as Super Mario Kart and F-Zero. The whole idea of ​​the game is to combine different weapons and parts to create the most powerful machines.

Players can mix different parts and weapons that will give them some kind of advantage. They also have the option to register their winning cars as NFT and later sell them for crypto on OpenSea.

In Battle Racers, each player tries to create the ultimate machine, using different skills and stats. They can choose maneuverability instead of speed or defense at the expense of firepower, all in the hopes of coming out victorious. This game can currently be played on Decentraland, a blockchain-based virtual world.

Three NFT games to be released

Kaby Arena

Kaby Arena is a turn-based NFT game, Free-to-Play, where anyone can start playing without having to pay for it. Kaby Arena also uses the Play-to-Earn model to reward players with in-game chips and equipment, including participation in PvP tournaments.

With this perfect combination of F2P and P2E, Kaby Arena offers players the opportunity to play and win rewards at the same time. To create a friendly environment for F2P players unfamiliar with the crypto market and NFTs, a mechanism called Crypto War is built into the game to encourage these players to do their own research and learn more about the crypto market.

Learn more about Kaby Arena

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a fantasy-themed role-playing game in which the familiar model of building a team of heroes, completing dungeon missions, and earning resources is played. As with other games, collecting resources allows you to create in-game items that can be sold later.

However, the Guild of Guardians, as its name suggests, focuses heavily on building communities (or guilds, in this case). The guards team up to compete against the challenges in the game and, as a reward, are rewarded with Gem – the game’s native currency.

In addition, the Guild of Guardians developers want the game to be played to win, but not to the detriment of other players. There is virtually no PVP game mode in the Guild of Guardians. Since players compete against monsters in dungeons, they don’t have to spend money to defeat other players.

Gold Fever

Gold Fever is a jungle-themed role-playing game in which players choose a character and try to outdo other players for the chance to draw gold in the form of the game’s native token, NGL. Players also collect limited NFT-based items, such as clothing, weapons, and other supplies.

Similar to how most NFT games work, Gold Fever tries to activate the blockchain-initiated deficit for its in-game assets. With Gold Fever you can choose any of the main characters of the game and you can play your part in forming a gold economy.

Also keep in mind that in-game items are marketable. Therefore, you can make a profit by earning NGL to exchange for fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies, or you can make a profit from trading collectibles in the NFT markets.

Neon District

Neon District is a role-playing game (RPG) that allows users to collect characters, tools, and crafts. Like all games featured in this guide, the elements and characters in the game featured on Neon District are NFTs. As such, the items in the game found on Neon District are essentially blockchain-supported digital collectibles, so you have the right to monetize your participation by selling to other players the assets earned or purchased in the game.

The object of the game is to build a team and compete against other players in real-time missions or battles. Note the existence of a competitive multiplayer game mode, called Neon Pizza, which pits players against each other for the chance to win the platform’s native token, Neon, as well as various tools, pieces and so on.

All you have to do in Neon Pizza game mode is send your characters to the pizza delivery races to feed the hungry citizens. You can also adopt a more vicious strategy by ambushing the pizza delivery team of other players, stealing their winnings.

Earnings, which are denominated in Neon, can be used to purchase characters, weapons, parts, armor, juices, and other game items needed to upgrade characters.


As you’ve probably noticed by reading this guide, NFT games aren’t that difficult to play. On the contrary, they can be very enjoyable and rewarding, as in the case of Axie Infinity, where some players even have the chance to earn a decent income.

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