Tourist circuits, increasingly sought after by Romanians. Which are

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More and more tourists choose expeditions and prefer mega-circuits of 2-3 weeks, and Romanians’ demand for tourist circuits increased by approximately 20% in 2022 compared to the first 7 months of last year, according to DAL Travel, one of the main tour operators who organize tourist circuits. According to the company’s data, quoted by news.ro, countries from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand are among the top purchased circuits. One of the longest circuits includes Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, lasts 23 days, will take place in November and costs 7,340 euros per person.

“If the majority of Romanian tourists prefer relaxation stays, there is also an increasingly numerous category that opts for knowledge, for active vacations. We are talking, therefore, about the so-called travelers. Romanians’ demand for tourist circuits increased by approximately 20% in 2022 compared to the first 7 months of last year and the trend is maintained. Naturally, the total removal of restrictions for the vast majority of destinations mattered a lot. More Romanian tourists choose this type of active holidays, circuit type, to the detriment of stays, thus having the entire vacation planned. In the top of the purchased circuits are countries from Europe as well as from South America, Africa, Asia, but also Australia and New Zealand”, the company says.

Currently, tourists make reservations for mega-circuits of 2-3 weeks such as Australia – New Zealand – Tasmania or those dedicated to Latin America, Mexico itself, but also for New Year’s Eves that involve visiting several countries.

“One of the longest and most requested tours is “Oceania Expedition: Asian Dragons, Kangaroo Country, Mount Cook and the Tasmanian Devil”. The circuit, which includes Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, lasts 23 days, will take place between November 7-29 and costs 7,340 euros per person. More than a trip, a real expedition on the world’s smallest continent occupied by a single state, Australia, in a wonderful island country, New Zealand, in a special, beautiful, joyful world, where every day brings something completely new for Europeans. From kangaroos and koalas to the Sydney Opera House, from the Blue Mountains to the Great Barrier Reef, from Aborigines and Maori to cowboys, from Auckland to Christchurch, from penguins to the Melbourne casino, from Hobart to the devil Tasmanian, ever closer to the place where the sun rises”, say the company’s representatives.

The Mexico-Guatemala-Honduras-Belize circuit is also back in force, which will cost 3,530 euros. The route will start in Mexico City, will continue with Guatemala and its beauties such as Lake Atitlan, Chichicastenango and the extraordinary Tikal, will arrive in Honduras for Copan, a jewel of a Mayan site and passing through Belize will “stop” on the Mayan Riviera for a good come relax. A splendid foray into the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations, to the joyful and cheerful rhythms of the mariachis, complete with the golden sand beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

“There are many tourists who want to combine holidays with the idea of ​​travel, expedition. We address them to a great extent. We are talking about larger budgets, generally between 3,000 and 7,000 euros per person, but the periods are 2-3 weeks, in which we include flights, quality accommodation, certain meals and, of course, the excursions and visits mentioned in that program. In principle, if they fly across the ocean to distant corners of the world, tourists prefer to see as much as possible and thus spend more time in the countries of the chosen circuit. We have developed the concept of the “great circuit”, in which one leisurely visits a single country, but we have not given up the circuits that include several countries, which we call “incursions” or “trips”. Many tourists told us that these circuits represented the experience of a lifetime for them, which makes us happy and honored. After each mega-circuit proposed by us, new experiences and memories remain, many films and photos, but also materials for a book”, emphasizes Daniela Nedelcu, general director of DAL Travel.

The circuit in Central America is also requested: Panama-Honduras-Guatemala-El Salvador-Nicaragua-Costa Rica, which will cost 4,950 euros. The 18-day circuit will be full of exotic landscapes, dominated by the grandeur of the legendary volcanoes Poas, Arenal (Costa Rica), Ometepe, Masaya or Mombacho Atitlan (Nicaragua), Atitlan, San Pedro and Toliman in Guatemala. The panorama of pre-Columbian cultures revealed through a succession of preservation sites, with extremely evocative historical vestiges, make up a real exhaustive course of Maya civilization.

A circuit from Asia, the Asian Kaleidoscope, which combines, for 13 days, 3 emblematic countries of this continent: Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, comes to the attention of tourists. For 2,190 euros, tourists will follow the route Bangkok – Damnoen Saduak – Ayutthaya – Kuala Lumpur – Putrajaya – Malacca – Singapore. The journey will start in Thailand, in the “Land of Smiles”, it will continue with the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, a monument of Malaysian ingenuity and determination, to finally reach the “lion city”, Singapore, an island city-state with one of the highest living standards in the world, a city synonymous with shopping, thanks to the many malls.

One of the most requested tours in Asia, a true foray into the Far East, is represented by the 15-day circuit in December, which combines South Korea with Japan and which will cost 3,680 euros.

“If we say South Korea and Japan, we think of the most advanced technology, the most daring constructions and people for whom work is a cult, and traditions a second religion. Stories about samurai, shoguns, geishas and Zen temples are added, details about their ancient and turbulent history, an incredibly beautiful nature, traditional architecture that reflects the philosophy of these peoples, based on the balance and harmony of buildings with the natural environment in which they are built, symbolism the gardens and the calm transmitted by the tea ceremony, for a complete experience, in a special circuit”, they also say.

A unique circuit on the tourist market in Romania is a journey through West Africa: Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia and Senegal, in former French, English and Portuguese colonies, will take place over 18 days and will cost 4,980 euros. The adventure will start in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, continue with the rural landscapes and traditional villages of Guinea and Guinea-Bissau, with the spectacular landscapes of the Gambia and the traditional villages of the ethnic groups to Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

Other circuits with a duration of approximately two weeks in the top of preferences are “Mexico – The Great Circuit” (14 days), Foray into South America: Peru – Bolivia – Chile – Argentina – Uruguay – Brazil (17 days), “Vietnam – The Great circuit” (15 days), respectively “Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia” (18 days), “Peru – Amazonia” (14 days), “Peru – Nazca – Colca” (14 days), “Mexico – Cuba” (16 days ), “Colonial Mexico – Dia de los Muertos” (15 days), “Mexico – the great circuit” (15 days).