UEFA: The Transnistria region will no longer host matches

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The European Football Union (UEFA) decided on Friday that no European Cup match should be played, until further notice, in the separatist region of Transnistria, a territory that is part of the Republic of Moldova, which borders Ukraine, informs AFP.

“In accordance with previous decisions by the UEFA Executive Committee, in the context of the escalation of the military conflict that culminated in the invasion of Ukrainian territory by the Russian army, the UEFA Executive Committee decided today (Friday) that no match in UEFA should be played in the Transnistria region until further notice “, the continental football forum indicated in a communiqué, Agerpres reports.

This decision mainly concerns the Transnistrian flagship club, Sheriff Tiraspol, which participated in the 2021-22 season in the Champions League, for the first time in its history, managing to impress after beating Real Madrid 2-1, right on the stadium Santiago Bernabeu, in the group stage.

Sheriff Tiraspol, who is playing in the championship of the Republic of Moldova, will play in the first qualifying round of the new edition of the Champions League against the Bosnian team Zrinjski Mostar on July 6 and 13.

The second leg of this duel was originally scheduled at its stadium, Bolşaia Sportivnaia Arena, but UEFA said it had asked the Transnistrian group “to provide an alternative venue / stadium, which must comply with current UEFA regulations outside the Transnistrian region.” for his home matches, as long as the ban on playing in the region will remain in force ”.