Ukrainian refugees will be able to stay for free in Romania

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Airbnb will offer refugees in Ukraine up to 100,000 accommodation in Romania and other European countries, following partnerships with these countries.

The American company announces that it has sent letters to the authorities in Poland, Romania, Hungary and Germany (and will do the same in the case of other European countries), with which it wants to cooperate in order to host the refugees.

According to news.ro, the project is carried out through Airbnb.org, which discusses with the governments and other organizations from the mentioned countries. Plans also include long-term hosting.

Costs will be covered by Airbnb, hosts and donors on Airbnb.org.

Airbnb wants to reach around 100,000 refugee accommodation in Ukraine. On Monday, the UN announced that more than 670,000 refugees had entered Romania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

Separately, the US company has also provided accommodation for 21,300 Afghan refugees and will come with tens of thousands more from refugee camps in Afghanistan, Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America and other regions.