Ukrainians receive less money than other refugees

Photo source: Yahoo News Singapore

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An analysis by the SonntagsZeitung newspaper claims that Ukrainian refugees sometimes receive much less money from certain cantons than other refugees who arrive in Switzerland, 20 Minutes reports, according to Le News.

Although Switzerland has implemented a fast-track asylum process for Ukrainians, which quickly gives them an S visa that entitles them to work in Switzerland, the sums of money given to those arriving from the war-torn nation are sometimes less than half as much. offered to refugees from other nations.

For example, a Ukrainian mother with two children was given 865 Swiss francs (about 848 euros) per month to cover basic food, hygiene, clothing and transportation costs. If he had arrived as a regular refugee, he would have received 1,800 Swiss francs (about 1765 euros) more than double the amount he receives, the newspaper reported.

Several Swiss politicians have criticized this unequal treatment. Andreas Glarner, a member of the UDC / SVP MP, a party that usually takes a hard line on immigration, described the level of financial support provided to Ukrainian refugees as weak. If the amount is too small, we should increase it, he said.