Unprecedented measure in the world: Anti-theft systems on food

photo: Twitter / Julia Davis

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The economic crisis is exacerbated in Russia, along with international sanctions imposed on Moscow, and this is leading to an accelerated rise in prices.

The devaluation of the ruble, together with the increase in commodity prices, leads to an increase in the number of thefts registered in Russian food stores, according to Ziare.com.

For this reason, several images capture an unprecedented measure in the world, humiliating for ordinary Russians.

“Putin’s ill-conceived invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions have pushed up prices in Russian stores, leading to trivial foods – such as butter, cheese or canned food – with anti-theft devices,” said journalist Julia Davis. to the Daily Beast, in a post on Twitter.

Putin’s ill-conceived invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions that followed have caused prices to go up in Russian stores, leading to the simplest of foods — like butter, cheeses or canned goods — to be outfitted with anti-theft protection devices. pic.twitter.com/wiogjlaskV

– Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) April 9, 2022