Unprecedented partnership: International Theater Festival from

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The International Theater Festival in Sibiu, which starts on Friday, announces the realization of a partnership with the TikTok platform, in which it will also mark an absolute world premiere: the first theater show broadcast live on TikTok.

It is about the production # acedesiguranzia @ tiktok, directed by Bobi Pricop, text by Ionuţ Suciu, a co-production of the National Theater “Marin Sorescu” Craiova, the Theater “Andrei Mureşanu” Sfântu Gheorghe, the State Theater Constanţa and the Northern Theater Satu Mare. The show is scheduled at FITS, in the upstairs hall of the Gong Theater, and live on TikTok, on July 3, at 16.00.

The show directed by Bobi Pricop completes a series of five artistic events that will be broadcast, live, from FITS, on the TikTok platform, according to news.ro.

The first of these is the concert of those from Puerto Candelaria, the event that inaugurates the stage in the Great Square at this edition of FITS, on June 24. Coming directly from Medellin, Latin Grammy winners, the six will challenge us to dance, including via TikTok, to the music of hits such as Senderito De Amor or Amor y Deudas.

The second show is “Friends of a Lifetime”, a co-production of Carré Curieux and Cirque Vivant! (Belgium-France) in which the artist Vladimir Couprie and his friend Alba, a beautiful Swiss shepherd dog, will show us live how beautiful and funny the human-animal relationship can be, but also how much non-verbal communication matters. The show is broadcast from Habermann Square, on June 26, starting at 20.45.

The third show broadcast live on TikTok from FITS 2022 brings on the stage in the Great Square (but also on the small screens), from 9 pm, the Colombians from AAINJAA with the show “Ouktapunawaa” – an explosion of loud sounds and energy generated by ritual drums. Absolutely impossible to stand still!

Probably the most incendiary – literally! – of the five events broadcast live from FITS on TikTok is the Austrian show “A love in flames”. Markus Kapeller and Irene Schuberth present us a fire show at height: they spin in the air, held in fire straps, with props created especially for this show, all to exciting musical rhythms.

“We especially enjoy the partnership with TikTok and I hope it will become a tradition! At FITS we are constantly concerned with everything new and we make sure that this is seen in the Festival’s program. We have a large special section dedicated to young artists and theater schools, we are always looking for new technologies put at the service of the performing arts and the public. We are a festival with a young soul and we keep up with everything that matters to our audience. TikTok is the platform with the most important growth, we share common values, so I addressed an enthusiast “Welcome!” with us! ”, says Constantin Chiriac, president of FITS and general director of TNRS.

“At TikTok, we believe that digital experiences must bring joy, fun, connections and support the progress of the community. The partnership with FITS is based on all these things and a series of common values ​​that, together, we decline in favor of the public. We are all the happier as this partnership marks a double premiere for the platform, the first theater show, but also the first contemporary circus show that will be broadcast live, in full, directly from FITS! I look forward to applauding, in unison with the TikTok community, the five shows and concerts at FITS! ” – Paula Kornaszewska, Head of Operations Central and Eastern Europe, TikTok.