US to supply missiles and unmanned ships to Ukraine –

The White House has confirmed the decision of the Biden administration to deliver new weapons to Ukraine. A senior US official has provided this information, which fuels fears of a possible escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

Thus, the United States and its allies will supply anti-ship missiles to Ukraine in order to strengthen its coastal defense, according to the publication Voice of America from Ukraine. In other words, the war is moving to the Black Sea.

The United States will supply missiles and unmanned ships

In his statement, “We support Ukraine and work to help it improve its coastal defense. As part of this effort, we will provide Ukraine with unmanned coastal defense vessels. We are also working with allies and partners to supply missiles and anti-ship systems to Ukraine. We are constantly communicating with the Ukrainians about their needs every day, “said a White House official.

He added that the United States is the largest provider of defense assistance to Ukraine and “will continue to be a world leader in providing the largest security assistance to Ukraine in history.”

The leader of the Republican minority, about the supply of weapons to Ukraine

Earlier on Tuesday, June 7, during a speech in the Senate, Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell said the United States should send more powerful weapons to Ukraine.

Thus, “While Russia is sending troops to the front, Ukrainian soldiers need more weapons. They need more powerful weapons. And they need longer-range weapons to safely withstand Russia’s offensive forces, “he said in a press release posted on the senator’s official website.

He asked the Biden administration to explain whether it would continue to supply longer-range missiles to Ukraine and whether it would supply anti-ship missiles “so that Ukraine could address Russian threats to Ukrainian Black Sea ports.”

Moreover, three weeks ago, a senior White House official said that the Biden administration was working to send advanced anti-ship missiles to the Ukrainian army to help it overcome the Russian naval blockade imposed on Ukrainian ports.

These statements were made amid fears that the delivery of more powerful weapons, which could sink Russian warships, would escalate the conflict in Ukraine.