Vladimir Putin's plan followed in Chechnya, implemented in

Vladimir Putin’s plan followed in Chechnya, implemented in

Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling for a plan used in Chechnya to seize Ukraine, according to an international analysis. This plan has three steps, which have already been completed.

The plan by which Putin wants to seize Ukraine

Vladimir Putin uses a plan similar to the one used in Chechnya to seize Ukraine. Specifically, the Kremlin leader follows the pattern of invasion, subjugation and integration, the same one that was used in Chechnya, a country that fought for independence from Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

What is interesting in this context is that the application of the same formula in the case of Ukraine would have a much more devastating impact, given that this country has a population 40 times larger than Chechnya.

The plan was followed in Chechnya, and in Ukraine

Regarding Putin’s plan, the international press writes that this plan, followed by the Kremlin leader, has three stages, the first of which is pacification.

This pacification can take place quickly in areas where this can happen and can be achieved through systematic destruction, which can even lead to destruction, according to an analysis by The Atlantic.

This phase took place in Chechnya in most of the suburbs near the Terek River, while in Ukraine they took place in Melitopol and Kherson.

During this time, Mariupol had the same fate as Gronzii, the Chechen capital now known as “the most destroyed city on Earth.”

Installing a person to control the areas, the second stage of the plan

As part of the plan, the next step is to establish a man to maintain the obedience of the population. In Chechnya, this happened with the installation of Ahmad Kadyrov, the former Grand Mufti of Icikeria. After his assassination, the Russians installed his son, Ramzan, a former rebel.

In Ukraine, we are talking about the territories of Lugansk and Donetsk, where the Russians had a choice between corrupt and pro-Russian politicians.

Imposing a new order, the last stage of the plan

The last stage of the plan is to impose a new order. At the beginning, the people will be kept in check by the occupying forces, but a local force will have to be born to do so in the future.

In this regard, a new version of its history will be introduced to the population, in which it will be written that the integration of the areas in Russia was done voluntarily, against the background of the rescue from the “radical” and “terrorist” elements.

In its analysis, The Atlantic also says that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is very similar to that of the wars in Chechnya.