What are the estimates of the war in Ukraine?  -

What are the estimates of the war in Ukraine? –

The war in Ukraine and the failure of Russian forces continue to intrigue many Western experts, who have analyzed the conflict from all points of view, suggesting how this conflict could end.

A former US military general anticipates that the Russian military may soon run out of the force, ammunition and weapons needed to continue the invasion of Ukraine.

According to US Reserve Secretary-General Ben Hodges, the former head of US troops in Europe, he believes that Russia’s recent moves to expand its campaign in western Ukraine and Moscow’s request for military assistance from China could mean that the Russians are already exhausted.

Thus, “Russia’s decision to wage a war of attrition, in which they destroy cities and put civilians to flight, for fear of being killed, means that the Russians need three things to do this and they do not have those three things. Hodges said.

“I don’t think they have the time, the manpower and the ammunition,” the Huffington Post quoted the US military chief as saying.

The “climax” of the war

In addition to Hodges’ comments, there is evidence that Russia has no weapons, while Ukraine continues to show stronger resistance than expected, especially around the capital Kyiv.

Moreover, he believes that if the West continues to support the Ukrainians, the Russian military may reach what he called the “climax” of the war in less than two weeks.

In this regard, “Assuming that we, the West, not only continue but also accelerate the delivery of the capabilities that the Ukrainians need, I believe that in the next ten days Russia will reach its climax, which means that it will not be able to continue the attack.” said Hodges.

“So we can say that we are in an obstacle course in which we can give the Ukrainians everything they need to resist Russia,” said Hodges.

Russia has reportedly demanded military equipment from China, including drones

Russia’s US press reports that China has been demanding military equipment, including drones, in recent days.

At the same time, the Americans warned that there would be “consequences” for China if it offered aid to Russia, while stressing that Beijing “can do more than any other country” to end the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Therefore, a statement was made by State Department spokesman Ned Price in a comment on media reports that Moscow had asked Beijing for help, but this was denied by both the Chinese and Russian authorities. of Russia.